What is an Installment Sale Trust?

An Installment Sale Trust is a LEGAL way to get capital gains tax relief by selling your Business or Property through a specialty trust

If you're looking to sell your Business or Property because:

  • You don't want to deal with tenants anymore or the hassles of running your own Business.
  • You want a steady stream of income, or more income
  • You're ready to retire from being a landlord or business owner

What Are the Benefits of An Installment Sale Trust

No Capital Gains Tax Due at Sale

Steady Income

Get Rid of Your Property or Business and the Stress of Being a Landlord or Business Owner

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    How Does An IST Work

    An IST works in three simple steps.

    The Buyer and Seller agree to terms and conditions, then have an Asset Purchase Agreement ("APA") drafted

    Once the APA is agreed upon, the business is sold by the Seller to the IST

    The IST then sells the business to the Buyer and the Seller starts collecting their 6% interest payments

    Now, proceeds for the transactions are in the trust and are “tax-deferred.”


    Alan Cox

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