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The Installment Sale Trust

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What is an Installment Sale Trust?

A LEGAL way to get capital gains tax relief by selling your business or property through a specialty trust

If you are looking to sell your business or property because

You don't want to deal with the business anymore

You want a steady stream of income, or more income

You're ready to retire and need to replace your income

Then the Installment Sale Trust is for You!

What are the Benefits of an Installment Sale Trust?

No Capital Gains Tax Due

Steady Income

Rid of Business Owner Stress

How does an Installment Sale Trust Work?

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

The buyer and seller agree to terms and conditions, which then opens to escrow

Step 2

Once in escrow, the business or property is transferred from the seller to the IST

Step 3

At the close of escrow, the buyer pays the trust for the business or property assets and the asset is then transferred to the buyer.

Now, proceeds for the transactions are in the trust and are “tax-deferred.”

Our Team


W. Morris Chubb

Trust Administrator

CB Administrative Services, LLC – Principal, W. Morris Chubb, CPA (inactive) and CFO of public, venture backed and private companies for 40+ years. Throughout his career, Morris has been committed to transparency, accountability and integrity. He is also active in the nonprofit space and is board chair of Project WeHOPE, a nonprofit that provides shelter and other needed services to the homeless in East Palo Alto and other locations around Northern California.


Trevor LaParl

IST Advisor

His journey in the professional world has seen him lead multiple teams in devising marketing strategies aimed at bolstering the social media presence of various companies, subsequently driving an increase in their sales. Trevor's association with CommQuality is not just professional; it's personal. He joined the company alongside Nate, a close friend and former classmate, and together, they envision transforming CommQuality into a leading marketing agency that enhances competitive advantages for Commercial Brokers and Financial Advisors.


Craig Redler


Craig has held positions with several prestigious international law firms, both as an experienced litigator, and later serving as Trustee for off-shore trusts settled by high net-worth clients, with structures throughout various countries in Europe and Asia and the Cook Islands. Craig is an internationally recognized estate planning, tax planning and trust administration attorney.


Michael Burwick

Tax Attorney

Michael is a published author and peer reviewed subject matter expert, with 28 years in private practice focusing on Tax, Securities & Corporate Law. A graduate of George Washington University and Boston University, and then Georgetown University with Juris Doctor, cum laude, Dean's List Honors, an additional Master of Tax Laws (LL.M.), and a Masters in Securities Law and Financial Regulation. With nearly 30 years of expertise in corporate, tax and securities law, Mr. Burwick specializes in tax deferral, mitigation, and minimization.